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a space heater that transfers heat to the surrounding air by convection

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The single premium model of compact radiators on Column Rads includes a front panel with rear convector.
Furthermore, although lowered supply temperatures theoretically require additional baseboard convectors for proper sizing, installers typically severely oversize the baseboard, allowing for installation of condensing boilers in existing distribution systems with little to no additional baseboard needed.
WARM-AIR convector heaters are widely used in kitchens and anywhere with a shortage of free wall space, as they throw out vast amounts of heat from a tiny grid.
Product manager at Myson, Andrew Lowery, said: "We are delighted that South Tyneside Homes decided to use our range of fan convectors for these homes and this is a reflection of the high quality we offer, both in terms of product and service.
The current trend is to replace all-steam systems, whether single or tandem loop, with steam-to-hot water heat exchangers and finned-tube or convector radiators for better control and less noise.
According to REBNY guidelines, on a full floor basis, Usable Area includes electrical closets, fan rooms servicing the floor, janitorial rooms, bathrooms, load bearing columns and space occupied by perimeter convectors.
July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Masco Corporation (NYSE: MAS) today announced the acquisition of The Brugman Group, a leading European manufacturer of residential hydronic radiators and heat convectors widely used in European heating systems.
Purchase of technical equipment and materials: electricity, emergency units, convectors, hardware, fasteners, locks, plumbing, joinery, painting, masonry.
The product range includes radiators, towel warmers, radiator valves and electronic controls, fan convectors and underfloor heating.
March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Masco Corporation (NYSE: MAS) today announced the acquisition of Vasco Corporation, a leading European manufacturer of residential decorative hydronic radiators and heat convectors widely used in European heating systems.
The cooperative mass-purchased convectors for many shareholders who agreed to reimburse the co-op).
Tenders are invited for Maintenance, Servicing/Repairing of Geysers and Heat Convectors at IHBAS, Dilshad Garden, during 2015
and Governale Radiator, producing cast iron radiators and convectors, in Brooklyn, N.
It supplies fan convectors, coil heat exchangers and heat pipes to schools and local government buildings.
These companies, which added sales equal to 15 percent of last year's, are Kewanee, a commercial boiler manufacturer, and Governale, a producer of cast iron radiators and convectors.