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Synonyms for sanatorium



Synonyms for sanatorium

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Seven fire engines were called to the site near Queen's Avenue in Colwyn Bay, which was home to the Mary Bamber building and the John Braddock Convalescent Home, and about 30 firefighters tackled the fire.
Wassell Grove continued as a convalescent home until 1940 when it was converted to a residential nursery, which itself closed in 1955.
The building had been run by the Workingmen's Club and Institute (CIU) as a convalescent home and latterly "hotel" for more than 100 years.
The most exciting event would be an evening at Chorley Park--now a military convalescent home.
She was one of 5,000 city mothers evacuated to the safe haven of the Co-Operative Convalescent Home.
It was used as a convalescent home for injured US servicemen in the Second World War, before being purchased by Warwickshire County Council in 1947.
shuffling her off to the convalescent home for teens
Crumbling site brought back to life A CRUMBLING former war-time convalescent home left in a state of "rack and ruin" for 20 years, could be transformed into a care village.
War is raging across Europe and Downton has been turned into a convalescent home for injured soldiers.
Cora and Isobel both want to stamp their authority on the convalescent home being run at the Abbey, but the already simmering tension between them finally explodes when Isobel discovers she has been overruled by Cora.
Mary Traut at Rosary Hill Convalescent Home in Justice, III., in this 2009 file photo.
The man later died but Mr Waterson spent five days in hospital and a month in a convalescent home recovering from the injuries he sustained.
Following the sale of an LHF Convalescent Home, pounds 699,613 has been donated to local causes and trusts across Yorkshire.
Media reports suggested later however, citing Ferrer's son Mark, that he had died at a convalescent home nearby.