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a system for controlling the operation of another system

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Quality control mechanisms will help in making edible items safe and consistent in standard because the quality nose dives as soon as the demand of the product increases.
The NPMC decided that laws would be reviewed to ensure that price control mechanisms proactively focused on cartelisation, hoarding and undue profiteering, according to a statement issued by the finance ministry after the meeting.
Yukiko Gotoh at the University of Tokyo leads the team of scientists who identified the epigenetic control mechanisms of how neural stem cells lose the potential to produce neurons.
This 13-foot tall piece of machinery bears a close resemblance to the mechs used in the 3D sci-fi movie 'Avatar.' It also appears to have similar control mechanisms for the arms.
Unlike traditional access control mechanisms that cannot cope with an insider threat (i.e., the threat of an authorized user exfiltrating data), the national lab restricts mechanisms that can be used to access and read that data in order to perform data exfiltration.
Authorities decided Friday to proceed with the immediate implementation of additional measures and control mechanisms, to combat the phenomenon of sham marriages, in parallel with a constant review of the existing system.
CCP Member Cartels and Trade Abuses and Legal, Ikram ul Haque Qureshi briefed the participants about the need for strengthening existing price control mechanisms to ensure supply of essential food commodities at competitive prices to the consumers.
French based provider of financial services BNP Paribas on Thursday revealed that it is now undertaking a major reorganisation in an effort to strengthen its internal control mechanisms.
Transferring this template to party organization, Aylott, Blomgren, and Bergman define three different levels of control mechanisms within party structure: party membership to party leadership, party organization to parliamentarians, from the parliamentary group to individual parliamentarians.
[15] suggested that different aspects of bilingualism influence distinct levels of cognitive control mechanisms. Moreover, several cognitive outcomes maybe attributed to bilingualism, including increased attentional control, working memory, metalinguistic awareness, and abstract and symbolic representational skills.
The new directive forces states to put appropriate control mechanisms into place for these provisions.
Summary: Dubai Customs took part in the 9th International Protection Forum on Drugs Issues organized by Dubai Police General Headquarters, which started yesterday at Dubai Police Club under the theme of "International Smuggling and Control Mechanisms".
Irakli Sesiashvili, in turn, stressed the importance of introduction of the parliamentary control mechanisms in Georgia's security