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a system for controlling the operation of another system

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The minister said that in order for the system to work, a constant review of the control mechanisms had to be enforced as criminal circles found ways to evade the procedures being used at the moment.
The majority of them analyze the feedback or feedforward control mechanism to regulate variable data packets transmission parameters, to avoid congestion and overdone delay, and to achieve high data transmission link utilization.
our effort in this Essay to design effective control mechanisms for
The draft supervisory guidance on internal-ratings-based systems for corporate credits describes the essential components and characteristics of an acceptable A-IRB framework, including rating assignment, validation, quantification, data maintenance, and oversight and control mechanisms.
Further, it is possible that feedback control mechanisms, as implemented in such networks, might play a pivotal role in dynamically maintaining both coherence and efficiency of system state by preventing resource saturation due to extreme congestion.
has knobs above and below the air ring, which independently adjust two control mechanisms.
Since this is an American book, the European reader will be constantly aware of political (and legal) differences between the US and Europe; furthermore, there are some oddities, such as a peculiarly positive view of Bentham's Utilitarianism: perhaps American academics are able to look beyond the workhouses and the control mechanisms that the words conjure up in Britain.
Sandra Jones Anderson, a Los Angeles attorney who specializes in estate planning and probate, says intervivos trusts are control mechanisms for transferring assets, allowing you to avoid probate costs and ensure your intentions.
assistant professor, Kent State University: "Developing Control Mechanisms for Intellectual Access for Discipline-based Virtual Libraries - A Study of the Process.
In order to enable the Group to ensure optimal security for all groups of clients and all businesses in all its geographies going forward, BNP Paribas is now undertaking a major reorganisation to strength its internal control mechanisms.
Fibre Channel media has a relatively low error rate and the protocol provides robust error detection and flow control mechanisms.
We really believe [such biocontrol agents] are going to be a major part of commercial pesticide control mechanisms," says Gary E.
They forgot the basics of staying close to the customer, did not correct pay inequities within the nursing and medical professions, failed to establish control mechanisms for new ventures, and did not adopt a coherent management philosophy.
Systematically analyses several fuzzy PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control systems and state space control, and also self-learning control mechanisms