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Todorovic said they would wait until the end of this week and if the issue of control marks truly stabilized they would not take countermeasures.
JSC HI's single largest customer is the government, for which it produces holograms for ID cards, passports, tax seals, control marks and so on.
Our eye will be on the process control as it is aimed at the ability to control color, both process and spot, utilizing control marks and targets from graphic file development through prepress proofing to on press monitoring and controls.
In recent years Quarry Garage has become a member of the Retail Motor Industry Federation and also the West Yorkshire Trading Standards `Partnership' scheme - both quality control marks.
The proposal to allow SDF personnel to use weapons to protect not only themselves but non-SDF people under their control marks a change in Japan's five principles for participation in peacekeeping operations.
Guidance control marks situations in which there are no alternative possibilities to the outcome of an agent's action, yet ascriptions of moral responsibility are still meaningful because as a matter of fact, the actor chose the course of action which actually occurred.