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Medicaid expansion in all states, an action critical to the ability of low-income women to obtain improved access to contraceptives.
Women's overall satisfaction with a contraceptive is directly related to how easy they find it to use.
The presence of risk factors for VTE should be taken into account when we see these youth in our clinics, but we can and should offer estrogen-containing contraceptives as long as there are no other risk factors.
In Nepal, postabortion contraceptive use is low and characterized by high levels of discontinuation.
We're proud of the role the Network has played in workin8 with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that women know about the risks associated with contraceptives and to persuade manufacturers to develop safer options so that women have better contraceptives to choose among.
The high unintended pregnancy rate of nearly 50% is thought to result, in part, from less-frequent use of LARC methods, compared with other user-dependent methods such as condoms and oral contraceptives.
New contraceptive technologies may emerge--including one or two options for men--and oral contraceptives may become available over the counter; service demands may increase as a result of health care reform and expansions in Medicaid family planning waivers; and ever-expanding social networking technologies may provide new opportunities, as well as challenges, for influencing the contraceptive decision-making process and subsequent behaviors.
Research has shown that all forms of contraception, from vasectomy, female sterilization and LARC methods to oral contraceptives, condoms and other barrier and behavioral methods, and even emergency contraception are cost-effective, as all reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and, at the same time, produce substantial net cost-savings.
Seizure exacerbation with hormonal contraceptives differed among the AEDs used, Ms.
Public health officials in some developing countries are concerned that increasing the role of the private commercial sector in family planning provision may increase inequalities in the contraceptive prevalence rate by increasing access to methods among higher socio-economic groups but not among the poor, especially if the public sector does not contribute by increasing access among lower socio-economic groups.
Researchers found that women who took oral contraceptives reduced their risk for ovarian cancer from 12 per 1,000 women to eight per 1,000 women.
Otherwise, the body of existing research indicates that hormonal contraceptive use does not appear to increase the overall risk of acquiring other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV and gonorrhea.
Contraceptive practices entail a wide spectrum of concepts, namely, contraceptive methods, the use of contraceptives, the discontinuation of such use, and the non-use of contraceptives or failure to use them.
In addition, the eleventh edition does not contain many of the old references related to cardiovascular effects of oral contraceptives containing more than 50 [micro]g estrogen.
Because of potential liability issues and the safe and effective female contraceptives, many drug companies have assumed that male contraceptives are unwise or unnecessary, she says.