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Considering all the reported findings and the reversible immobilizing effect of the extract on sperm observed in the current study, it seems that RGL has some immediate effects on spermatozoa motility with an unknown mechanism, which should be further investigated to find an acceptable reason for a possible new and safe male contraceptive agent.
Hoshiai H, Uehara 5, Nagaike F, Momono K, Mon R, Suzuki M, Lin YC (1981) Mechanism of action of gossypol as a male contraceptive agent in rats I.
The city in question resolved the problem by feeding the birds with seed laced with a contraceptive agent.
A multi-centre clinical investigation employing ethinyl estradiol combined with dl-norgestrel as a postcoital contraceptive agent.
Rademaker, "A Multicenter Clinical Investigation Employing Ethinyl Estradiol Combined with dl-Norgestrel as a Postcoital Contraceptive Agent," Fertility and Sterility, 37:508-513, 1982; B.
The administration of an oral contraceptive agent should be considered as part of a program of prevention for women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations who have not had ovarian cancer," Dr.
3) Contraceptive agents have not been involved in the pathogenesis but they are associated with an increased risk of complications for patients with FNH.
The case suggested that GnRH-a should be used with caution in adenomyosis patients who had recently used oral contraceptive agents or other estrogenic drugs, chronic severe anemia, or high CA125.
Several multipurpose vaginal rings are also in development, containing sustained-release formulations of contraceptive agents such as levonorgesterel in combination with an anti-infective agent such as tenofovir, or combining anti-infective agents to prevent both HIV and other STIs.