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feathers covering the body of an adult bird and determining its shape

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The molt of the tail and body contour feathers begins after the molt of the primaries are well advanced (after primaries 4-6 have been replaced) and are completed at the same time or shortly before completion of the molt of the primaries (Marin 2003).
Avian wings possess several mechanoreceptors to airflow localized on or near specific contour feathers and filoplumes' follicles.
As has been observed in virus isolation, viruses may be able to survive longer in differentiated epidermal tissue such as contour feathers.
Contour feathers are found on the wings and tail; they cover the body and outline its shape.
Down feathers, for example, are hidden beneath the surface and provide warmth, while contour feathers at the surface provide color, camouflage, and aerodynamic benefits.
Contour feathers have broad, flat blades that cover and shape the bird's body.