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any doctrine emphasizing the importance of the context in solving problems or establishing the meaning of terms

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The perspective of contextualism analysis stresses more on the differences than similarities.
Having said that, I would nonetheless agree that a contextualism that seeks to remain entirely in the universe of discourse that it hopes to recreate historically will fail to understand the inevitable negotiation that occurs between our present concerns, our fears as well as hopes, and those of the past figures whose lives and ideas we want to protect from a straightforward imposition of later values and prejudices.
Contextualism in the 50s is formulated and analyzed by Montaner (1993).
A limited and narrowly circumscribed embrace of contextualism would resolve the unusual legal challenges of co-religionist commerce.
For one, contextualism captures theoretically the suggestion we find in law that there can be different standards for knowledge attributions in different circumstances.
Contextualism is a standards-based approach that gives courts discretion to look outside the four corners of a contract to assess the reasonableness and fairness of the deal, keeping in mind the relative bargaining power of the parties.
Gordon argues that such contextualism makes past ideas so dependent on their early linguistic meanings that historians lose sight of how complex theories retain critical significance when they reappear in later eras and cultures.
The argument centers in part on the incompatibility of Habermas' normative commitment to universality and Foucault's rigorous commitment to contextualism.
By using the philosophy of functional contextualism in ACT it helps to analyze the specific behaviors that are causing the maladaptive behavior in terms of their specific function in a very discrete context (Arch, Eifert, Davies, Vilardaga, Rose, & Craske, 2012).
By deploying intellectual history's "fruitful tension between hermeneutic contextualism and transcendental claims to truth" (2), this collection renders visible the limits of teleology and chronology as instruments of historical understanding.
Contextualism About Communicative Content Generally
Her perspectives include theory of mind, social intelligence, and urban courtship drama; social intelligence and social climbing among picaros and cortesanos; contextualism, skepticism, and honor; contextualism and performance in Lope's Lo fingido verdadero; and cognition and reading in Don Quixote.
Contextualism, Radical Skepticism, and the Concept of Justification.
These matters are considered from various philosophical stances, such as contextualism, relativism, and expressivism.
I outlined some essences of epistemic sensibility- pervasive attitude in society, gate keeping contextualism, identification of new items, unreflective consciousness, judgment of moral beliefs, epistemic reliability and trustworthiness, and pedagogical and cognitive disequilibrium.