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  • verb

Synonyms for contaminate

Synonyms for contaminate

to make physically impure

to make morally impure

Synonyms for contaminate

make radioactive by adding radioactive material

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The Fish and Wildlife Service's Environmental Contaminants Program is comprised of four major components:
The lower adjustable baffle along with the slide gate, in the vent line, is then adjusted to remove the contaminants from the abrasive curtain.
In order to regulate any of the contaminants on the list of seven, EPA would be required to demonstrate that: appropriate peer-reviewed scientific information was considered, adequate data are available to develop the regulation, the contaminant is known to occur in drinking water at levels of public health concern, and the regulation presents a "meaningful opportunity for public health risk reduction.
Besides histopathological damage, sublethal toxic effects of contaminants in marine organisms can impair physiological processes (altering the energy available for growth and reproduction) and other reproductive and developmental processes, including causing direct genetic damage.
Moreover, exposure to several of these secondary contaminants, when combined with other contaminants in the water, might have an enhanced adverse health effect.
The contaminants found were detected at levels below any considered to pose a risk to the health of park visitors who might drink or come in contact with waters in the backcountry.
CFD has proved to be a good alternative to accurately simulate contaminant dispersion in closed environment.
Testing for sensitivity to in-paint contaminants is very complicated because it is more of a test of the ability of the paint to assimilate contaminants than it is a crater test.
The EPA chooses a new list of contaminants every five years for testing, to determine if new regulations are needed to protect public health.
Water and other contaminants can permanently damage these parts.
Most of the contaminants analyzed are not covered by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, the agency noted.
One area that is a constant issue for the diagnostic pathologist is the possibility of tissue floaters and contaminants that are transferred to the glass slides during tissue processing.
In some instances, we are asked to determine which contaminants could impact the cure or performance of an adhesive.
While horizontal grinders may offer a number of advantages over tub grinders, they are still subject to contaminants that can cause problems for operators in any market, from the strictest content requirements for mulch to the less-stringent standards of boiler fuel.