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a print made by exposing a photosensitive surface to direct contact with a photographic negative

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The positively patterned P3HT layers were successfully fabricated on the ITO-coated glass substrates via direct contact printing using the same PDMS molds as for the negative patterning (see Figure 2 and Supplementary Figure 2).
Screen and contact printing prefer higher viscosity (100,000 cp to 150,000 cp) thixotropes and generate 10 to 25 micron thick features.
* With certain new tire designs, the use of traditional contact printing inks can introduce a contaminant to the tread extrusion.
CMS-MARK-WIN software functions with all Phoenix Contact printing devices and labels for fast completion of marking projects.
Beginners can create simple yet striking photographic images and learn about light-sensitive emulsion, contact printing, positive and negative images, fixing and washing prints and more.
TIP 0306-16 Guideline for direct contact printing of bar code symbols on corrugated
Without requiring expensive or unusual equipment, the Photoshop-based system is described with detail in "Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing," Second Edition, by Dan Burkholder, 352 pages, $34.95, Bladed Iris Press, Carrollton, Texas (
Using contact printing with high-speed robotics (Total Array System; BioRobotics), we have arrayed on silanized glass microscope slides (CEL Associates) a variety of allergens together with human IgE at different concentrations.
He began to make copies of drawings by contact printing in about 1822, and four years later produced the first photograph from nature on a bitumen covered plate.
Unlike hot-foil coders and Touch Dry contact printing, the quality of print obtained using thermal transfer technology is always high and constant.