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Use of a non-residual, contact insecticide in ongoing cleaning and to treat used or second-hand furniture before it enters a building is highly recommended to eliminate concentrated infestations of bedbugs.
Otherwise spray them with the same contact insecticide.
Through contact insecticide action, Defend EXspot has a built-in advantage: It doesn't require ticks, fleas and mosquitoes to feed on your dog's blood like some other products, which are 'revenge insecticides.
In spring, when the gooseberry sawfly has a crack at the leaves on my gooseberries and blackcurrants - and solomons seal - I spray with a contact insecticide.
This knockdown effect is often less evident for a systemic insecticide applied in the soil than for a contact insecticide sprayed directly on the leaves.
Use either an organic contact insecticide or an inorganic, systemic type which is absorbed into the plant and poisons pests when they attack it.
Both adults and grubs should be removed and killed as soon as you see them, or you might choose one of the fatty acid sprays that can be used as a contact insecticide without any damage to the environment.
The only way round the problem is to either spray the plants with a contact insecticide or pick off the flies as soon as you see them.
Not easy to control, a residual contact insecticide sprayed during the adults' flight period does help although this is just as likely to harm bees and other desirable insects visiting flowers.
IF grubs have appeared in your raspberries in previous years, spray with a contact insecticide at petal fall and again as the fruits start to turn pink.