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Systemic insecticides are used for sharpshooter control due to their longer residual action compared to contact insecticides.
It would be ideal for controlling whiteflies and other target pests on high-value crops like poinsettias that have low damage thresholds and on greenhouse-grown vegetable crops for which low levels of contact insecticides are preferred," Simmons says.
Level of esterase activities not constant throughout life cycle as larvae of some species exhibit higher tolerance to contact insecticides than adults (Parkin, 1956; Lloyd and Hewlett, 1958).
Woolly aphids can be controlled with either contact insecticides, or systemic ones.
Again these can be controlled with many contact insecticides but a lot of gardeners prefer to attempt to trap them.
Contact Insecticides against Beetles Infesting Avocado Bolts
Effect of Contact Insecticides against Beetles Infesting Avocado Bolts
Contact insecticides that confer repellency may be a more effective strategy for control of RAB.
At this time, the only treatments with hemlock woolly adelgids present were the control trees and trees treated with the contact insecticides, horticultural oil and Talstar, as opposed to systemic insecticides.
Previous control efforts have utilized foliar applications of systemic and contact insecticides (Reinert 1975).
1998), the efficacy of an additional 5 residual and 6 contact insecticides registered for home and commercial use in California were tested against P.
The contact insecticides evaluated included: (1) 0.