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David Addison, President and CEO of Constitution State, said, "After completing an extensive due diligence process, Open Solutions was the obvious choice for us.
Article 41 of the constitution states that chairman of the Senate becomes acting president during elections and required age for the office is minimum 45 years, whereas, Sanjrani is 40 years old.
The entity constitution states that the language of the Serb people, the language of the Bosniak people and the language of the Croat people were in use in the RS, and now, he says, the Law on Secondary Education mentions the 'language of the constituent peoples'.
The groups - from Christian and Muslim organisations urged the court to reject the case, adding the Constitution states in Article 45( 2 ) every adult has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex.
The Constitution states that the House of Representatives, with the concurrence of two-thirds of all members, may suspend or expel a member.
Turkey's constitution states that any MP accused of spreading terrorism propaganda should be stripped of membership.
Article 1 of the constitution states that sovereignty of the people or popular sovereignty is the principle that the authority of the government is created and sustained by the consent of the people through their elected representatives who are the source of all political power.
The Liberal Party constitution states that membership may be terminated or suspended for conduct that is detrimental to the Partys interests.
The Preamble to our Constitution states that, "it is the will of the people of Pakistan to establish an order wherein the State shall exercise its powers and authority through the chosen representatives of the people.
Article 41 of the Constitution states that "Iraqis are free to abide by their personal status, according to their religion, sects, beliefs or choices, and this will be organized in a law.
A party leader controls voting in the National Assembly, as Article 63A of the Constitution states that an MNA can be disqualified if he or she votes against the official party line,"the petition argues.
The Patriarch said that the Constitution states in both Articles 73 and 74 that the president must be immediately elected, "thus no constitutional right can justify the current blocking, especially that the results would be destructive to the institutions and state economic conditions, in all sectors.
MNS has lost its federal funding, as its constitution states two legislative assembles are to be held annually.
The draft of the constitution states, that a new national organization be formed and should include the central executive committee, core committee and overseas body.
While we value that no one should be subject to discrimination, as the first article of the constitution states, this does not mean that the essence of marriage should be modified," the bishops' June 18 statement said.
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