Constantine I

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Emperor of Rome who stopped the persecution of Christians and in 324 made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire

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Constantine is repeatedly referred to as 'the great emperor' (Or.
Presently, Constantine is chief executive officer of HPE America LLC.
The purists may be in shock, but this screen Constantine is still a pretty creepy character, perhaps even more so with Reeves's blank-faced performance.
Constantine is a man of few words but possesses immense presence (making Keanu Reeves a perfect casting choice).
Constantine is the harddrinking, tough-talking main character in the DC comic Hellblazer, fighting the forces of evil.
Cappello, story by Kevin Brodbin, Constantine is based on
REMANDED IN CUSTODY: David Constantine is accused of perverting justice and harassment
Within twelve years, and now sole emperor, Constantine is presiding at the first empire-wide council of bishops, which produces the earliest version of the Nicene creed and soon to be the badge of Christian orthodoxy.
Maurice Constantine is joining Robert Bigonnet and Claude Alrivy at Le Chardonnay, ostensibly to take over the famous Melrose Avenue French restaurant from them in January.