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Romanian sculptor noted for abstractions of animal forms (1876-1957)


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The life and the works of Constantin Brancusi are all about that about us all being part of the same, single, universal community: born into a peasant, traditional family in countryside Romania, he come to be known as "the patriarch of the modern sculpture", he made his first artistic steps in Romania, but became famous once he stepped out abroad to learn from and work with the masters of his time, his style is a blend of tradition/old and modernity/new, both in terms of materials (wood and stone vs metal) and motifs (simplicity of Romanian traditional patters vs elegance of modern lines)," said the ambassador.
In this regard, Constantin Brancusi was no doubt engaged in a quest for these collective memories that lie dormant in the ancestral human mind; his interest was with essence, with the world beyond appearances, which is why the very process of sculpting often resembles in Brancusi a ritual whereby layer after layer of the superficial is removed, in order to display the deeper and deeper essences of reality which lie hidden, but always present there, under the surface of appearances, always there for the taking for the sensitive mind and eye and ear and smell and taste.
Constantin Brancusi 1876-1957, Paris: Gallimard/ Centre Georges Pompidou, 1995, pp.
This season has been inspired from a trip to Pompidou Centre in Paris, where I came across the reconstruction of the studio of Constantin Brancusi.
The influence that traditional art had in shaping the work of Constantin Brancusi, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque has been widely acclaimed; yet the same cannot be said of other African art.
19:7 Vallee Maraia [right arrow] Valea Mare: a place in Romania, not far from Targu Jiu, where Constantin Brancusi accepted the commision for three major sculptures in 1935; well known for its wines; 222.
Part of his contribution was a rough-and-ready version of a famous war memorial designed by Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi.
Abu Dhabi: For the first time at Abu Dhabi Art fair (ADA), sculptures of Constantin Brancusi are seen alongside artworks by other artists.
L'universite immortalise le nom emblematique de Constantin Brancusi.
According to Sidney Geist's statement referring to Constantin Brancusi, it might be considered that "Paris and its exotic arts" were not only a "pattern maker influence," but mostly "catalytic influence.
Entre ellas destacan las de Manuela Vulpe, la diplomatica rumana acreditada en nuestro pais y la de Jose Antonio Hernandez Garcia, especialista en la obra de Eliade; ademas incluye textos de este publicados por primera vez en Mexico; un guion de teatro del propio homenajeado sobre el escultor Constantin Brancusi, su compatriota, y un articulo de Sergio Vila -Sanjuan, retomado del periodico espanol La Vanguardia.
During their various stays in New York, the couple hosted afternoon teas that were frequented by William Carlos Williams, Marsden Hartley, Constantin Brancusi, and others.
He was exposed there to modernist artists and sculptors - among them Constantin Brancusi, Jean Arp and Henry Moore - who influenced his future artistic style.
Works by Max Ernst, Tamara de Lempicka, Constantin Brancusi and Paul Gauguin all achieved strong prices, many far exceeding their high estimates.