Conservative Judaism

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Jews who keep some of the requirements of the Mosaic law but allow for adaptation of other requirements (as some of the dietary laws) to fit modern circumstances

beliefs and practices of Conservative Jews

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United Synagogue Youth is United Synagogue of Conservative Judaisms youth movement for Conservative Jewish teens across North America.
They reflect how those Jews who preferred Orthodox to Conservative Judaism insisted on maintaining an allegiance to traditional Jewish observance even as they were anxious to acculturate into the American milieu.
Sklare, Conservative Judaism, 35; Prell, "Community and the Discourse of Elegy," 70-73.
We're honored to partner with The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in the Ruderman Inclusion Action Community initiative to further this important work in the Conservative movement.
In contrast, Conservative Judaism endorsed, in 2006, the ordination of LGBTQ rabbis and same-sex commitment ceremonies.
Given the prohibition on activating electricity on the Sabbath, the computer and the Internet may not be switched on (Auerbach, 1996), according to Orthodox as well as Conservative Judaism.
Similarly, the Commission on Social Action and Public Policy of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism stated in 1993 that "Jewish values demand that we work to create a society where no one is denied proper medical care.
In 1953 I was invited to dinner at the home of Rabbi Max Kadushin, a major figure in 20th-century Conservative Judaism.
In chronological order they are Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary (The Rabbinical Assembly/United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, 2001); The Torah: A Modern Commentary Revised Edition ([Union for Reform Judaism] URJ, 2006); and The Torah: A Women's Commentary ([Union for Reform Judaism] URJ/Women of Reform Judaism, 2008).
I'm prepared to give the president an opportunity to test his because he reassured me personally, and everyone else there, of the strength of the US's relationship and his and the administration's commitment to Israel," said Rabbi Steven Wernick, executive vice president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
Because Conservative Judaism does not embrace the last of Packer's methodologies alone, it does not reduce Judaism to individual choice; and, because it does not embrace the second one alone, it does not reduce Judaism to tradition alone either.
Toronto -- The chasm between Conservative Judaism in the U.
The guest speakers come not only from Conservative Judaism but also from the Orthodox and Reform traditions.
James says the approval for her to join the program was not so much monumental as it is indicative of new and exciting changes that are happening within Conservative Judaism.
Geiger elected to excise such prayers; Joel, anticipating what later became Conservative Judaism, preferred to retain the Hebrew while fudging the translation (a technique still utilized by the contemporary Conservative movement).
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