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Synonyms for consensus

the quality or condition of being in complete agreement or harmony

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agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole

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Relying on traditional consensus politics, Sipila wants to persuade the unions to cut labour costs by 5 percent.
Among the topics are how consensus politics is maintained in the Low Countries' governments, European integration and the flexibility of consensus politics in the parliaments of the Low Countries, consensus politics as administrative practice: the Europeanization of external advice seeking, the lack of influence of European integration on corporatism, family migration policy in Belgium and the Netherlands, and whether ratifying the European Constitutional Treaty by referendum marks the end of consensus politics.
Consensus politics broke down entirely when a powerful faction engineered the succession of his sister Sibylla's husband, Guy of Lusignan, despite grave doubts about his leadership.
He said: "I'd imagine the two countries to be similar in that there seems to be a lot of consensus politics, with the largest party reaching compromises with other parties to get Bills through.
Certainly government has a pivotal role to play in putting the infrastructure in place but it shouldn't be left to do it solely, particularly as the impact of MMP in that political decision-making framework sense, leads to consensus politics without the ability to make the hard decisions.
Through consensus politics, Germany is on course to provide half of its energy from renewables by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050, a policy viewed by these UK critics as misguided nonsense.
LAHORE -- Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday said that a paradigm shift has been introduced in the political landscape of the country through consensus politics based on tolerance for diversity, as nations are built when diversity is accepted as a way of public life leading to peaceful co-existence.
In casting Fiore as a rather ineffective (mostly comedic) villain in The Trotsky, I believe Jacob Tierney is offering a critique of Trudeau in this film, so a critique of the liberal5 brand of consensus politics that undercuts the rough and tumble world of adversarial intellectual pursuit--known (and derided) most famously as that darling artifice beloved (not solely) by Marxists: the dialectic.
Lord Rogan of Lower Iveagh who was a key figure associated with the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the Good Friday Agreement said "As we know and have experience from coming out of a 40-year old conflict in Northern Ireland it takes time and patience to move from conflict to consensus politics and I would ask all peoples in Sri Lanka and the Diaspora to have patience and give time and space for a peaceful solution to develop".
We welcomed the new mood of consensus politics in Liverpool, as a means of lessening the pain and stress of a financial situation that was not of the city's own making, when the joint talks over stringent budget cuts were revealed.
The era of post-war consensus politics, when there was really very little to distinguish the two main parties, appeared to have ended at that defining moment.
The coalition has oozed consensus politics, which has ironically been a little damaging for the Liberal Democrats.
He is 'doing politics differently' and is working with the opposition parties and is aiming for consensus politics.
The opportunity will be utilised to conclude the peace process, complete the drafting of the Constitution and begin a new chapter of consensus politics," he added.