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English novelist (born in Poland) noted for sea stories and for his narrative technique (1857-1924)

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The insider added that Conrad skipped the cocktails and went straight to her baby after the ceremony.
Now looking at Conrad, sitting across from us over lunch, we felt that we could use that same, exact description.
Lastly, by the end of Dryden's book it does start to sound like a one-sided promotion of Conrad and a bit of Wells-bashing: Conrad is always right; Wells is always wrong.
It will also include a 24-hour business centre, seven fully equipped Conrad meeting rooms as well as the Whitehall Suite which can accommodate up to 300 guests.
In "Prince Roman," Conrad writes an "anti-fairy tale" set in this Borderland space that demonstrates the qualities of "genuine aristocracy," a term he also examines in A Personal Record; a commitment to noblesse oblige, personal excellence, and patriotic service (161,162).
Hampson's research suggests that Conrad may have had first-hand experience in both these trades during his time as first mate on the SS Vidar working along the Malay Archipelago.
Sharply diverging from the optimism of Edwardian England and long before the outbreak of the war, Conrad expressed the same skepticism toward traditional Western views and values that only began to appear in the works of his fellow authors writing in the wake of the war.
Conrad had told his family he wanted to bring Peg home to Britain after his tour of duty.
But then four months into his first tour of duty, Conrad and Private Lewis Hendry, 20, were killed when their patrol came under fire in Helmand province.
In "Stephen Crane" Conrad wrote that (like the fictional Stevie) "his manner was very quiet .
Reitz reads the topography of Conrad as a means by which to help his readers see "a morally corroded Western world.
The penultimate volume--as do earlier ones--gives us a sense of reading a fairly detailed narrative, the main character of which is Joseph Conrad.
100) proves to be promising and also shows its limitations; indeed, Fothergill concedes that the 'word-of-mouth, conversational currency by which Conrad is exchanged [.
Conrad never received a State of the Union acknowledgment, nor did the Senate pass a resolution recognizing his heroism, as it did for Autrey, but he was a hero just the same.
5 million sale of the fee-simple interest in the Conrad Chicago Hotel to DiamondRock Hospitality.