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Chinese online games developer and operator NetDragon Websoft Inc announced on Sunday that the English-language version of its online game Conquer Online has moved to open beta testing since 6 December 2011 and is available in the iPad App Store worldwide.
The latest version of Conquer Online replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse interface with a touch screen one.
Conquer Online will also launch Invasion of Pirates in several other languages.
13, 1995--Wednesday, Trilogy announced the release of Conquer Online (COL), a revolutionary Internet-based service that is dramatically improving the way computer products are bought and sold.
Conquer Online provides the expertise of a skilled computer solutions consultant to the most inexperienced salespeople or customers by optimizing selections based on technical requirements, performance, product availability and/or price.
In the development of Conquer Online, Trilogy has applied experience as the premier provider of sales and marketing systems to computer manufacturers.
NetDragon Websoft Inc, a Chinese online game developer, has released the English version for its seventh expansion pack The Returning Light for its large-scale online game Conquer Online, the company said today.