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a member of an Algonquian people formerly living in Maryland between Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac river

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the Cylon model known as Leoben Conoy. Throughout the series it seems
History and evolving trends of construction colloquia on sustainability and operational research, Technological and Economic Development of conoy 14(4): 578-592.
Route 441, Conoy Township Parks, 10 miles north of Route 30 from Columbia, 10 miles south of Harrisburg International Airport.
An example of this is -- the Sioux called themselves the Lakota people; the Conoy called themselves the Piscataway people.
I might note that some manuscripts from the late 1630s of the Maryland Jesuit Andrew White's unpublished and unstudied brief pages of prayers and of notes in Conoy (a form of the Algonquian language) are at the Catholic University, Washington, DC.
Released in 1988, Viburnum x burkwoodii Conoy was recently selected as a 1997 winner of the Gold Medal Award by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.
Capitol, which legend has it was selected by George Washington amid a virgin tract of forest, was really the site of Naconhtake, a major trade center of the Conoy Indians.
(30) At Shamokin, the Tutelo together with several Algonquian tribes including the Delaware, Munsee-Mahican, Nanticoke, Conoy, and later the Shawnee were collectively brought under the governance of an Oneida chieftain, Shikellamy, who served as viceroy for the Iroquois conquered lands and peoples in the Susquehanna region.
Local Pennsylvania newspaper the Lancaster New Era recently reported that two Bainbridge residents have challenged the validity of Penn-Mar Ethanol's traffic study for the proposed ethanol plant in Conoy Township, PA, claiming that the examination of area roadways was conducted on a day when the county incinerator was partially shut down and traffic was reduced.
Local Pennsylvania newspaper the Intelligencer Journal recently reported that township supervisors in Conoy, PA late last week rejected a call to share the findings from a new report commissioned to evaluate the effect on the area environment of Penn-Mar Ethanol's proposed $80-million ethanol production plant.
Local Pennsylvania newspaper the Elizabethtown Chronicle recently reported that approximately 140 local residents attended a conditional use hearing last week to discuss Penn-Mar Ethanol's proposed $80-million ethanol production plant in Conoy Township, PA, which is being met with area opposition.
Local Pennsylvania newspaper the York Daily Record recently reported that Nissley Vineyards in Lancaster County has filed a compliant with the state's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) challenging Penn-Mar Ethanol's air quality permit for its proposed ethanol plant in Conoy Township.
Local Pennsylvania newspaper the York Dispatch recently reported that the Gifford Pinchot chapter of the Sierra Club has announced its opposition to York, PA-based Penn-Mar Ethanol's proposed $80-million ethanol plant in Conoy Township, PA.
Local Pennsylvania news paper the Lancaster New Era recently reported that Penn-Mar Ethanol has applied for a conditional-use permit for its proposed $80-million ethanol plant from Conoy Township officials.