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the tiny fossil cone-shaped tooth of a primitive vertebrate of order Conodonta

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small (2 inches long) extinct eellike fish with a finned tail and a notochord and having cone-shaped teeth containing cellular bone

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Waagen's lithostratigraphic subdivision was used almost for one century until Kummel and Teichert and associates in 1960's redefined the litho stratigraphy of the Salt Range and Surghar Ranges in terms of modern stratigraphic nomenclature practices as well as piloted a detailed paleontological study of the rich Late Permian and Early Triassic faunas; such as brachiopods, Ammonites, conodonts, bivalves, fusulinids, etc.
The objectives of our investigation of the conodonts of the Desmoinesian Bucktown Coal Member of the Dugger Formation in the eastern part of the Illinois Basin in Indiana included describing the conodonts, furthering the development of a stable Pennsylvanian conodont taxonomy, interpreting paleonvironments, and continuing the establishment of regional correlations in the Midwest.
BROADER IMPACT: Evolutionary developmental biologists interested in the primitive vertebrate skeleton and isotope geochemists interested in the use of conodont apatite as a proxy for seawater chemistry in deep time, together facilitating a new vista of research integrating evolutionary patterns, feeding ecology and environmental variations revealed in seawater chemistry.
1984, Middle Ordovician conodonts from the Buchans Group, central Newfoundland, and their significance for regional stratigraphy of the Central Volcanic Belt: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v.
We have undertaken a study of conodonts in the Viivikonna Formation with several objectives: to discover if this specific facies harboured an environmentally distinctive conodont fauna; to determine if the collections from different lithologies were dominated by different taxa; and to refine the biostratigraphy of the formation, especially through determination of the position of the base of the Amorphognathus tvaerensis Zone.
Decay of Branchiostoma: implications for soft-tissue preservation in conodonts and other primitve chordates.
Prior investigations and/or reviews of conodonts from west Texas include those of Druce (1973), Babcock (1976) and Clark & Behnken (1979).
Last year, scientists at Leicester University in England demonstrated that enigmatic fossils known as conodonts in fact represent the earliest known vertebrates.
The stratigraphically valuable invertebrates, ammonoids, are missing in those deposits, and conodonts are very rare, being represented by a shallow-water polygnathid assemblage.
Sweet (1970) studied the uppermost Permian and lower Triassic conodonts of the Salt Range and Trans Indus Range.
For instance, Martinez-Perez and Valenzuela-Rios (2014) describe the adaptive radiation during the Early Devonian of polygnathid conodonts from the Spanish Central Pyrenees, with the identification of several new species.
Several reports have been concerned with the palaeontology of foraminifera, corals, brachiopods, conodonts and cephalopods of the Ali Bashi Formation and formations from the same stage in Alborz and Abade.