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Synonyms for connotation

Synonyms for connotation

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

Synonyms for connotation

what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression

an idea that is implied or suggested

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The negative connotation of the commercial term 'therapeutic cloning', make a change in terminology necessary.
Hamlet and Ophelia is performed to the Largo from Martinu's First Symphony, Connotations to Britten's Violin Concerto No.
TG: We've discussed the art-historical connotations around certain vocabularies.
The monochrome's historical connotations of self-reflexive autonomy block acoustic inhabitation, while Graeve's audio referentiality deflects reception of the sounds as atmospheric emanations of his deadpan visuals.
As his "Anthropometries" would signal--notably in the religious connotations of the subseries nicknamed "shrouds"--his whole enterprise had more and more to do with transfiguration than with institutional critique or Duchampian deconstruction.
While Fitch expects improvement in Harsco's financial profile, economic conditions in its primary markets remain uncertain, with weakness noted recently in the access equipment business, and any significant deterioration could have negative connotations for the ratings.
Pierluigi Calignano, by contrast, produces imprecise objects, or ones in which precision becomes an ambiguous concept (and not only because the artist enjoys encouraging objects' nonfunctional connotations and creating incongruous juxtapositions in a surrealist vein).
A pioneer in the use of video in Spanish art, Javier Codesal could be considered a multimedia artist but for the dubious connotations that term has acquired.
Most corporate executives still treat information security like a trip to the dentist -- it's something you should do, but everyone hates to do it, and it has a lot of negative connotations," said Jody Patilla, independent security consultant.
This incident, we learn, threw Ligon into a psychic spin that left him wondering about his merits as an artist and pondering the connotations of his lifelong status as a maladjusted outsider.
Stars" and "stellar" have several connotations such as intelligence, superiority and enlightenment.
True, an (indoor) corner heat pipe subtly contradicted the curb's (outdoor) connotations, while anyone familiar with the Gladstone Gallery's usual floor plan might have noticed that "517" was somewhat smaller than the area it had commandeered from 515.
Gloria" seemed to have a rehabilitative intention: to rid some early feminist art of embarrassing connotations and of its perception as something cultish or "hysterical," and position it as vanguard, daring, and courageous--claims that have been made since the beginning.
With companies such as ESPN, Microsoft and Honda using "X" in their marks, competitors have become hard-pressed to develop original product names that evoke similar connotations in the public's mind.