Connecticut River

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a river in the northeastern United States

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Three new wastewater pipes under the Connecticut River will join 50- and 85-year-old pipes
The Town's appraiser identified the sales of 26 flow easements in connection with another Connecticut River project in Massachusetts, and, using them as comparable sales, arrived at a value of Taxpayer's easements of $1,100 per acre of flow easement, or a total of $2,160,000.
This history for general readers and others gives details on witch trials and 11 witchcraft executions in the Connecticut River Valley, starting in 1647, about 50 years before the more famous Salem witch trials.
The Groveton Bridge is an 1852 Paddleford and arch truss structure, and the Columbia Bridge is a Howe truss spanning the Connecticut River between New Hampshire and Vermont.
The company added that the SHCST will convey and store wastewater from parts of South Hartford and West Hartford and minimise sewer overflows into the local Connecticut River and Long Island Sound during major storm events.
The assets to be acquired are core operational merchant hydroelectric facilities located primarily on the Connecticut River in Massachusetts and the Housatonic River in Connecticut.
In addition to typical refrigeration equipment, the facility had an emergency ammonia dump system on the outside of the building from which ammonia could be discharged during an emergency to a nearby storm water detention pond that drains into the Connecticut River.
Tony Moreno survived a 90ft plunge into the Connecticut River in front of police but the body of seven-month-old Aaden Moreno was found a mile downstream two days later.
ATC requested his current location, and the pilot replied, "I'm over the Connecticut River."
Another summer begins, and the family is spending it in their usual destination--their cottage on the Connecticut River. To an outsider, nothing has changed; the local kids still come over to use the Allerdon's dock, and Miranda spends the majority of each day babysitting.
But the Connecticut River is still much too cold for shad to leave the ocean and enter it in significant numbers.
Jason enjoys observing the American Bald Eagle on the Connecticut River. He is so inspired by them he decides to make studying the eagles his life work.
Oates also serves as managing director, Wydown Group, a financial consulting firm; chairman and director, Emerson Investment Management, Inc.; director, Stifel Financial; director, Connecticut River Bancorp; and director, Virtus Funds, formerly Phoenix Mutual Funds.
Just before National Public Health Week, students from the Connecticut River Academy, an environmental science magnet school in EAST HARTFORD, CONN., attended the association's Advocacy Day at the state Capitol.
The Vermont Yankee plant, a boiling water reactor, currently stores spent fuel in a storage pool and in steel and concrete casks on the plant property next to the Connecticut River.
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