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large genus of tropical trees and shrubs

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When we analysed each species separately, our visits and measurements altered herbivory damage significantly in four species: for Connarus suberosus, an increase in herbivory in the control, for Diospyros hispida, an increase at low visitation intensity, for Eriotheca gracilipes, an increase at medium visitation intensity, and for Stryphnodendron adstringens, an increase at high visitation intensity (Table 2).
1 Combretaceae Combretum fruticosum (Loefl.) Stuntz 1914 2 Connaraceae Connarus wurdackii Prance 1971 1 sp.
Not rated 41 Connarus griffonianus Not rated 42 Dioscora preussi Not rated 43 Dioscorea semperflorens Not rated 44 Discorea sp.
root 61 Zexmenia wedeloides Klatt whole plant 53 Connaraceae Connarus elsae Forero bark 71 Convolvulaceae Iseia luxurians (Moricand) O'Donell whole plant 70 Cyperaceae Scleria melaleuca Rchb.
54 Coniferae Dacrydium beccari 55 Connaraceae Connarus monocarpus L.
Sin embargo, en las exploraciones botanicas en el estado de Guerrero, efectuadas por personal del herbario FCME, se recolecto Connarus stenophyllus Standl.
Brazil is considered the center of the diversity of Connaraceae in the Neotropics with approximately 64 species, 30 of which belong to Connarus (Forero 1983, Forero & Costa 2002).
(Sapindaceae), and Connarus (Connaraceae) and designated the fossil as