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mostly tropical climbing shrubs or small trees

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Jongkind (1989) identified six types of trichomes in paleotropical members of the Connaraceae, of which two were glandular.
Studies involving neotropical taxon of Connaraceae have demonstrated the presence of GTs on the abaxial surfaces of leaflets of Pseudoconnarus subtriplinervis (Schellenberg 1938), on the leaves of some species of Rourea, and on the axes and floral organs of Connarus and Rourea (Forero 1976, 1983).
Comparative floral structure and systematics in Oxalidales (Oxalidaceae, Connaraceae, Cephalotaceae, Brunelliaceae, Cunoniaceae, Elaeocarpaceae, Tremandraceae).
54 Coniferae Dacrydium beccari 55 Connaraceae Connarus monocarpus L.
En la revision de las Connaraceae de Flora de Guerrero, Fonseca (2005) registro solo la presencia de Rourea glabra Kunth var.
Es relevante mencionar que las Connaraceae de Guerrero cuentan ahora con dos generos que incluyen a tres especies, numero identico a las conocidas para el estado de Oaxaca, de acuerdo con los datos de Garcia-Mendoza y Meave (2012).
Connaraceae Rourea glabra Kunth EC - 4621 Erythroxylaceae Erythroxylum hondense Kunth EC - 4625 Croton niveus Jacq.
5 1 1 Total Familia 12 10 CONNARACEAE Rourea glabra 2.
Se describe e ilustra una especie de Connaraceae de Mexico, Rourea vulcanicola Forero.
A new species of Connaraceae from Mexico--Rourea vulcanicola Forero--is described and illustrated.
Table 1 Affinities of Gannera proposed or implied by various authors Proposed Source(s) affinity Haloragaceae/ Bentham & Hooker, 1865; de Candolle, 1868; Haloragales Engler & Prand (Peterson, 1893); Schindler, 1905; Hutchinson, 1973; Cronquist, 1981; Heywood, 1993 Urticales Jussieu, 1789; Battling, 1830; Endlicher, 1837 Arialaceae Lindley, 1846 Umbellales Gibbs, 1974 Onagraceae Gray, 1854; Gibbs, 1974; Doyle & Scogin, 1988a, 1988b Vitaceae Behnke, 1981; Thorne, 1992 Cornaceae Thorne, 1992 Connaraceae Behnke,1986 Eucryphiaceae Behnke,1986 Balanophoraceae Hooker, 1856; Hansen, 1980; Mabberley, 1993 Saxifragaceae Huber, 1963; Takhtajan, 1980, 1983; Dahlgren, 1983; Doyle & Scogin, 1988a, 1988b Hamamelidaceae Chase et al.
Bill's anatomical and morphological studies, which included flowers, leaves, nodes, stems, and pollen, furthered understanding of the phylogeny and evolution of families of angiosperms, such as the Alseuosmiaceae, Bonnetiaceae, Connaraceae, Gunoniaceae, Dilleniaceae, Medusagynaceae, Oncothecaceae, Paracryphiaceae, Staphyleaceae, Strasburgeriaceae, and Styracaceae.
On the walls of his office and laboratory were pictures of transverse sections of Connaraceae and photographs of botanists, including I.
Celastraceae Lophopyxis (Lophopyxidaceae) Combretaceae Thiloa Commelinaceae Murdania, Anthericopsis (1), Palisota (2) Connaraceae Connarus Corynocarpaceae Corynocarpus Crassulaceae Sempervivum Diapensiaceae All Dioscoreaceae Dioscorea sects.