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Land Information New Zealand has developed the Wilding Conifer Information System, a web-based mapping and monitoring tool, to ensure control of this invasive species is carried out in the most efficient way possible, Mr Mitchell says.
Most conifers look best planted where their individual shape and colour can be enjoyed without competition from other show-stopping plants.
Decades of fire suppression have allowed Douglas fir and other conifers to become established in oak woodland areas, many of which contain oaks that are hundreds of years old.
In winter conifers have little competition other than the leafless broad-leaved trees with attractive bark, such as the paper bark birches, the dazzling white of Betula jacquemonti glittering like an ice maiden against the blue sky on a cold winter's day.
The smaller conifers have shallow root systems so they can be planted close to the house without any danger of undermining foundations or invading the drains.
This remarkable genomic stability explains the resemblance between today's conifers and fossils dating back to the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
When you have written all of these letters, you will have spelled out the eight conifers.
By addressing the classification of conifers as an example of the usefulness of organization in biological systems, and by encouraging the use of computers in an educational setting, Conifer ID will help instructors develop a curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Science Education Standards.
2 Science that it could have been a predecessor of ancient conifers or some strange extinct fern.
If you thought that conifers were just for big gardens, think again.
As National Conifer Week starts today, garden centres nationwide will be holding demonstrations and advice sessions on all aspects of conifers to show the versatility of these plants.
Their heyday may have passed, but ignore conifers at your peril: they remain one of the most valuable group of plants.