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the seed-producing cone of a pine tree

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Both sets reflect broad trends in the modification of the highly strobiloid conifer cone of certain ancient conifers summarized by Florin (1951).
The convergence in energy allocation of limber pine cones in the Great Basin to that of other more exemplary bird-dispersed pines demonstrates that both squirrels and nutcrackers have important and conflicting selective impacts on conifer cone and seed structure.
Greys find it harder to sustain their body weights than reds and the seeds in conifer cones are only very small.
Conifer cones for seeds for tree nurseries or for decorative uses
Such increases in time to remove seeds from cones are likely to serve as a deterrent to seed predators because, for example, crossbills select and use conifer cones so that feeding rates are maximized (Benkman 1987a, 1989).
Crossbills are highly specialized for foraging on seeds in conifer cones (Benkman 1988, 1993; Benkman and Lindholm 1991) and rely on conifer seeds year-round (Newton 1972; Benkman 1987a, 1990, 1992).
Although the red-breasted nuthatch and various finches consume some insect life during summer months, they feed largely on conifer cones or the catkins and seeds of deciduous trees, all of which are high off the ground.