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any fungal infection caused by fungi of the Phycomycetes group

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Due to the lack of reports of conidiobolomycosis from the state of Rio Grande do Norte and due to the economic consequences from this highly lethal infection, the aim of this study were to report the occurrence and to describe the clinical, laboratory, pathological, and mycological findings of three outbreaks of rhinocerebral and rhinopharyngeal conidiobolomycosis in sheep from Brazil.
Six sheep with conidiobolomycosis were clinically examined by the authors between June and October 2009, and dead animals were necropsied.
The diagnosis of these conidiobolomycosis outbreaks among these three cities in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Northeastern Brazil was based on the association of epidemiological, clinical, pathological and mycological findings after isolation of C.
2008), conidiobolomycosis imparts important economic impacts on the sheep industry due to the high lethality rate among infected animals (achieving 100%).
Thus, conidiobolomycosis was responsible for significant renal injury, which was probably secondary to the underlying inflammatory processes which occurred in these animals.