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a published written account of the speeches and debates and votes of the United States Congress

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Quoted in the Congressional Record, Senator Harkin said, "Elliott Balbert recognized the need to get the word out about the growing body of scientific support for dietary supplement use.
Congressional Documents - features the complete Congressional Record Bound version, as well as the daily version back to 1980.
In addition to the copy of the Congressional Record presentation, last month Mr.
The benefits of expansion such as added consumer protections and increased stability for small employers are important and achievable goals," Pallone said in the Congressional Record statement.
Instead, it states that the Chairs of the House and Senate Budget Committees shall subsequently file in the Congressional Record budgetary totals consistent with the amended discretionary spending caps and the May 2013 baseline adjusted for specified budgetary effects.
In June, Luetkemeyer visited O'Fallon Casting in person to present a copy of his remarks from the Congressional Record.
The author does not rely on interviews; instead, he draws on documents, Byrd's papers, presidential libraries of correspondence, the Congressional Record, and newspapers.
Additional data, to be incorporated over time, will include the Congressional Record, committee reports, nominations, treaties, and communications.
House of Representative's Congressional record, by Rep.
submitted the CARD letter for the Congressional Record and stated that she agreed with the positions expressed.
The application allows users to search and compare words spoken by federal legislators using data from the Congressional Record.
But in 1886, the year those threats were registered in the Congressional Record, the source of deadly danger was no deity.
Although the conflict certainly was not limited to the halls of Congress, the speeches recorded in the Congressional Record and in the various congressional committee hearings documents provide the most sustained historical archive; accordingly, my attention is focused there.
Presenting edited versions of Congressional Record Service publications, a NASA report to Congress on a plan for the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory, House of Representatives committee hearings on the ISS, and similar sources from 2007-8, this volume examines historical, technical, policy, and funding aspects of the ISS program, the retirement of the U.
When he was reminded that Schiff called survivors of 1915 incidents to submit their stories for inclusion into the Congressional Record and asked if Turkey had an initiative against it, Tan said, "we left behind a very sensitive period regarding Armenians.
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