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a native or inhabitant of the Republic of the Congo

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Guterres appealed to Congolese members of armed groups to lay down their weapons and integrate into the community, noting that the UN will do more to assist the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration of former combatants.
"Nairobi fans could get an opportunity to meet her on Friday, when she is expected to make a guest appearance during the grand launch of the new Hotel Tembo and Club in Ongata Rongai, which has been billed as the new home of Congolese music entertainment.The show will also be graced by Nairobi-based Congolese band Les Mangelepa, led by veteran singer and composer Kabila Kabanze 'Evani'.
The foreigners are; Ruhota Kabagale (Congolese), Manson Chogga Mtassi(Tanzanian), Chukunosho Francis Ogbuanu(Nigerian), Konie Kalist (Tanzania).
Raja cranked up the pressure on their Congolese opponents in the second-half, but their attempts proved unprofitable as the battle duly ended goalless.
Following the affirmation of President Tshisekedi's victory at the December 30, 2018 polls, by the Constitutional Court of the country, President Buhari urged all Congolese, especially political stakeholders to rally behind the new leader and support his vision to build ''a modern, peaceful, democratic State for every citizen,'' as succinctly expressed in his inauguration speech on Thursday.
Manchester Group & Associates has a long history working to assist the Congolese Diaspora and they recognize that the Congo Diaspora is suffering as the Congolese on the Continent.
Derderri met Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso, at his residence, in the Congolese town of Oyo.
In interviews with Reuters, more than 20 Congolese migrants who crossed the border between October 4-12 described violence, looting and forced displacement by Angolan security forces as well as a local tribe called the Tshokwe.
The Congolese government wants to strengthen its cooperation with Tunisia in areas where it benefits from vanguard experience, like higher education, vocational training, training of trainers, civil aviation and incentive mechanisms for investment, the Congolese minister who is heading a delegation on a v sit to Tunisia from April 15 to 17, 2018 said on his part.
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Getty images CAIRO -- 21 March 2018: On Tuesday, Egypt provided the Congolese National Radio and Television (RNTC) with a shipment of pharmaceutical aid that will go toward the development of its clinic.
Sarah Van Beurden, Authentically African: arts and the transnational politics of Congolese culture.
Combing through a vast array of primary source material--from Lomongo memory essays, colonial records, photography, songs, and her own ethnographic encounters--Nancy Rose Hunt argues that the nervousness at the core of the two colonial states, the Congo Free State (1885-1908) and the Belgian Congo (1908-1960), stimulated oscillating regimes bringing the state, its actors, and the local Congolese into collision.
One of the most interesting weekends on that duty combined tense hours for hundreds of European hostages held by Soviet backed Congolese terrorists with swift, U.S./ Belgian military action.
Congolese police have been squaring off with anti-Kabila activists since Monday when Kabila did not step down despite his presidential term ending at midnight that day.