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As a result, he is qualified to treat urological congenital problems related to other spinal conditions such as spina bifida.
DISCUSSION: Both deafness and cardiac arrhythmias occur as congenital problems either separately or together.
Significant congenital problems are observed in 5-8% of the babies of diabetic mothers (3).
"I met a mother whose fetus was going to have many congenital problems and a major heart defect," she says.
She told parents their babies had congenital problems and persuaded them to give them up.
For this reason, it is important to fully evaluate a patient with suspected congenital phimosis for additional congenital problems.
Professor Gavin Wilkinson from the Cardiff University School of Medicine said: "More children have disabilities from this disease than other well-known congenital problems, such as Down's syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome."
Debt-laden parents of a sick baby girl stuck in a hospital ICU since her birth in October due to congenital problems fear that mounting bills are way beyond their capacity to pay.
It is a condition affecting the development of the brain and spinal cord with associated congenital problems, including significant abnormalities to the face and neck.
Kate Rowlands has been director of a Kabul children's hospital which treats youngsters with congenital problems and war wounds from around their country.
Clr Ken Smith, Cabinet member for young people, said: "Intra-family marriages lead to a higher rate of children with congenital problems as well as greater infant mortality.
For those over 35 years old, coronary artery disease (cholesterol buildup in the arteries supplying the heart with blood) is the most common cause, while a number of congenital problems precipitate sudden death in younger athletes.
Infants from both groups experienced congenital problems, most of which were related to premature birth.
Risk factors for TAA include smoking, high blood pressure, genetic disorders, such as Marfan Syndrome, as well as congenital problems like bicuspid aortic valves, Dr.
Congenital problems are also a possibility, but the arterial system is under considerable pressure when a horse is at full speed," he said.
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