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Congenital absence of the splenic artery associated with major gastric bleeding in adolescence.
Knee reconstruction in syndromes with congenital absence of the anterior cruciate ligament.
The term 'hypodontia' is used for congenital absence of one or more teeth, either in primary or permanent dentition, excluding the third molars.
The biceps brachii muscle is one of the most diverse in the human body; however, congenital absence of the long head of the biceps tendon is a rare anomaly [1-7].
Weidner, "Clinical findings in congenital absence of the vasa deferentia," Andrologia, vol.
Agenesis is the congenital absence of at least one permanent tooth.
30-year-old woman (GO) with congenital absence of the uterus who is a devout member of a religious community in which the tenets of faith prohibit gestational carriers.
Cho BC, Choi HJ, Kang SM, Chang J, Lee SM, Yang DG, Hong YK, Lee DH, Lee YW, Kim SK (2004) Congenital absence of inferior vena cava as a rare cause of pulmonary thromboembolism.
Correlation between CFTR gene mutations in Iranian men with congenital absence of the vas deferens and anatomical genital phenotype.
It is characterized by the congenital absence of melanocytes in the affected areas of skin and hair, due to mutations of the KIT proto-oncogene, which affects the differentiation and migration of melanoblasts [1].
4 Congenital absence of ovary may arise from underdevelopment of primitive gonad due to failure of migration of germ cells.
Congenital absence of an SCM is uncommon, and to the best of our knowledge, an initial presentation in an adult has not been previously reported in the literature.
Congenital absence of corpora cavernosum on a patient with megalourethra
Congenital Absence of Permanent Teeth in a Six-Generation Chinese Kindred.
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