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Chinese philosopher whose ideas and sayings were collected after his death and became the basis of a philosophical doctrine known a Confucianism (circa 551-478 BC)

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In partnership with Ateneo Confucious Institute of Manila, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria also presented a Chinese Calligraphy booth at the lobby for guests who want to have their names or well-wishes written in Chinese.
Khalid Iraqi, informed that the Confucious Institute here has two directors-one from China and the other is from Pakistan whereas six instructors have come from China.
This new study reduces Jesus to a Jewish Buddah or Confucious.
He has been compared to Confucious, Sankara, phenomenology.
The student's learning is designed to be experiential (Kolb, 1984), responding to the dictum of Confucious of around 450 BC who said, "Tell me, and I will forget.
From China the Analects of Confucious have offered maxims on prudent gentlemanly behaviour for would-be mandarin administrators.
A handbook entitled Fifty Major Thinkers on Education: From Confucious to Dewey, edited by Joy A.
Confucious and Socrates must be looking for their P45s.
Confucious says, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
Even the most fulsome appreciations of Confucious thought must make at least perfunctory statements to the effect that his historical conditions, class background and so forth limit his understanding of the truth of things, so his insights cannot hope to match those of Karl Marx or Deng Xiaoping.
Several years ago I heard a quote from Confucious on what made a great leader.