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Synonyms for bachelor

a man who has never been married

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a knight of the lowest order

lead a bachelor's existence


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I've never been married and her dad thinks I'm a confirmed bachelor - I even wonder if he suspects I'm gay.
Maybe the confirmed bachelor knows that when he dies, his species dies with him.
A stable spokeswoman for James Toller's Newmarket yard confirmed Bachelor Duke would be the only other British challenger.
In 1962, at 45, the seemingly confirmed bachelor surprised others when he married Veniette Weil and became a stepfather to her young son.
Joe Oesterle: The Confirmed Bachelor Strengths: Last surviving Renaissance man, DWI Formerly: Art Director, Senior Editor Tip for bidders: Oesterle is a former altar boy who has never sued the church, and can be trusted implicitly with compromising secrets.
He added: "I never said I was a confirmed bachelor.
The polar opposite of his frontman's confirmed bachelor status, Campbell clearly revels in being a fully paid-up family man, having married his wife Gaynor not long before he signed on for a life on the road with Motorhead.
Harries, a confirmed bachelor, was married to his two obsessions, baseball and football, and would spend all his spare time running local leagues.
Claudio and Hero agree to be married, passing the time by conspiring to match-make confirmed bachelor Benedick (Alexis Denisof) and his verbal sparring partner Beatrice (Amy Acker).
David (Xavier Samuel) and Mia (Laura Brent) meet on a tropical island and pledge themselves to each other, with David returning to London to tell his pals - including confirmed bachelor Tom (Kris Marshall) the news.
Women are all unfaithful or so our bitterest confirmed bachelor Don Alfonso would have his young buckish chums believe.
Q I'M in my early 50s, independent and a confirmed bachelor.
Intriguingly, though apparently a life-long confirmed bachelor, Barkworth often was most effective conveying the angst of marital strife.
Everett's maiden voyage as the icily brilliant crime solver, confirmed bachelor (ahem), and drug user doesn't hold a candle to the performances of his big-screen predecessor, Basil Rathbone, let alone Jeremy Brett on TV, But he'll do nicely until someone much better comes along.
Madejski, who has never married but has two daughters from a previous relationship, admitted recently he is a "selfish" confirmed bachelor.