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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Thompson said, "The real danger of online fraud schemes is that they automate offline confidence tricks.
An income of just pounds 1,018 despite building costs of over pounds 100,000 and running costs of pounds 6,431 a year illustrates what opponents of wind turbines have been saying for years - they are one of the biggest confidence tricks of recent times.
Let's do away with all this deceit, and confidence tricks.
The Mercury revealed last summer how Cronin tried to romance unsuspecting Midland women, and ripped off pensioners in the region with cruel confidence tricks.
An elite group of Birmingham's litigation lawyers experienced an evening of real-life hustles, confidence tricks, scams and stings at an evening hosted by Grant Thornton's forensic and investigation services team.
From irritating spam emails to potentially devastating viruses, identity theft and confidence tricks, the so-called 'information superhighwaymen' are the scourge of internet users everywhere.
They are using confidence tricks to distract staff before targeting video games, MP3 players, computers and other goods.
Not only are murders and rapes highlighted, but confidence tricks, mugging and violent affray is put under the spotlight.
He added: "All confidence tricks of this kind will depend on one degree or another of greed from the victim because they all depend, one way or another, on promising something for nothing.
This is one of the biggest confidence tricks ever engineered by an elected government.
No one is surprised (or pays much attention) when the tobacco companies and other pro-smoking groups criticize the EPA's risk assessment as "creative epidemiology" full of statistical confidence tricks.
Recorder Wilby said: "They are basically confidence tricks.
Dubai: Police say greed is the common denominator among the victims of '419 scams', 'black money scams', 'money doubling crimes' and other confidence tricks in which targets are conned into believing that they will make a large profit if they hand over some of their money.
Cold calling is also often linked to crime, from confidence tricks to more serious attacks.
WHAT must rank amongst the most expensive confidence tricks ever attempted on the British public is the notion that if we generate five, 10 or even 20% of electricity from wind our power stations will burn five, 10 or even 20% less fossil fuel, whereas in fact with thousands of wind turbines now operational our power stations still burn the same amount of fossil fuel on windy days as they do on windless days.