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a booth where a priest sits to hear confessions

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Like the latter, Sex and the New Medieval Literature of Confession concentrates on the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, but shifts focus from theological works to the apparently more utilitarian confessional manuals produced to guide confessors on appropriate dialogue with confessing parishioners.
The second reason that Tentler focuses on priests is that they mediated the hierarchy's strict rules prohibiting contraceptive use with the laity in various venues, such as confessionals, mission sermons, marriage preparation, and Catholic publications.
Priests addressed birth control more assertively in the confessional after the encyclical, but seemed largely uneasy with this greater emphasis--especially in a period of great economic hardship during which Catholics sought successfully to limit the number of children that they bore.
GLASS-fronted confessionals to stop children being abused by paedophile priests will not appear in Ireland the Church, has said.
The confessionals, which cost more than pounds 1,550, are soundproof but leave both the priest and parishioner visible.
Last year, a double-glazed glass panel was inserted into the confessionals but staff at the cathedral are now considering introducing a completely transparent box following a report's recommendations.
A spokesman for the archdiocese said: ``There will still be plenty of the traditional confessionals at the cathedral.
FOR the time being, Roman Catholic churches in Wales will not install the new style of glass-fronted confessionals which are being introduced elsewhere.
Last year a double-glazed glass panel was inserted into the confessionals, but staff are now considering a transparent box.
They want glass-fronted booths or open-plan confessionals so the child and the priest are in view of others.
com or at any of the offline kiosk confessionals located within the MGM MIRAGE Las Vegas properties.
Catholics born after Vatican II have never experienced the long Saturday lines at parish confessionals.
Large urban churches in metropolitan areas had many confessionals with little lights above the entrances to signal, first, whether a priest was there (light on over middle slot) and then whether sinners were confessing in the flanking slots at that moment (red light above) or the slot was open (green light above).
FRANK BIDART WAGERS THAT TITLING a poem "My Mother's Nipples," as Robert Hass did, doesn't make it confessional ("The Journey").
Erich Leitenberger, Archdiocese of Vienna spokesman, after a Vienna church tried to sell a confessional on eBay as a possible one-person sauna, child's play house, or small bar (AP, July 20)