Confederate soldier

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a soldier in the Army of the Confederacy during the American Civil War

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To all the bronze Confederate soldiers, in whom I see the image of my great-great-great-grandfather, I would extend this grace.
The debate in Albany has run along lines similar to those in South Carolina and elsewhere, and among conservatives generally: The Rebels nickname and Confederate soldier mascot represent pride and tradition at the school and have nothing to do with racism.
The movie is about a mute black woman who helps a wounded confederate soldier battle his racism during the American Civil War.
Taylor Kitsch plays Confederate soldier transported to Mars, who gains superhuman powers and is captured by 15ft aliens, falls in love with a humanoid queen and fights an evil prince.
Young Edgar Rice Burroughs (Daryl Sabara) is summoned to the home of his beloved uncle and former Confederate soldier John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who has perished in mysterious circumstances.
The University of Mississippi professor and grandson of a Confederate soldier dug through piles of papers, flipped through yellowed diary pages, and pulled thousands of letters from envelopes.
Among them is Anthony Hervey, president of the Black Confederate Soldier Foundation.
The remains were then buried in an official ceremony as the last unknown Confederate soldier, Meehan said.
James Brolin and Megan Fox star in the tale of a heroic Confederate soldier who is betrayed, branded and left for dead.
Hangar, a Confederate soldier who was wounded, required leg amputation seven inches below his hip and became the first amputee of the Civil War.
She also once posed as a Confederate soldier and was nearly killed by her own Union cavalry
The show's seven actors and five musicians spin a compelling tale about a young Yankee named Paul, who assumes the identity of a Confederate soldier he has killed in order to survive behind enemy lines.
In the next piece, you will read a lengthy and dramatic story about a Confederate soldier from North Carolina, Colonel Isaac Erwin Avery.
The unexpected occurred: she went from a poor Yankee widow of a Confederate soldier to a genteel lady in an elite colored family in the Caribbean.
The story is set during the American Civil War, and Law stars as Inman, a wounded confederate soldier struggling to make his way home to his lover Ada, who is played by Kidman.
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