Confederate States of America

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As the war dragged on, with Confederate troops under Lee and other brilliant military minds winning more battles than they lost, it began to look as though the Confederate States of America would truly become an independent nation.
A History of the Confederate States of America (New York: Free Press, 2002), p.
Led by former Confederate States of America general officers, the old Eagle State--that became the Bayou State after the war and is now known as the Magnolia State--began to rebuild and renew.
The political, economic, social, and military challenges facing the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War have been well documented by generations of historians.
The Confederate States of America was formed 150 years ago this year, and crushed after a bloody war 146 years ago.
New York Times bestselling author Swanson has taken his 2010 big hit, Bloody Crimes: The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln's Corpse (William Morrow, 2010), tweaked the title, and written a great, accessible account of these two riveting overlapping events in 1865--the assassination and subsequent majestic funeral of President Abraham Lincoln as it played out against the final days of the Confederate States of America, which were embodied in the chase for CSA president, Jefferson Davis, who was mistakenly believed to have orchestrated Lincoln's murder.
When the Confederate States of America formed, the loyalties of agents in Indian Territory provided the new government with an advantage that the United States ultimately lacked.
In his case, the financial innovation was newly printed money from the newly formed Confederate States of America, and the lackadaisical enforcement was practiced by the federal government.
The Jefferson Davis Award is given annually to recognize outstanding narrative works relating to the origins, life, and legacies of the Confederate States of America and the Civil War.
Pope Pius IX never actually signed any kind of alliance or "statement of support" with the Confederate States of America, but to those who understand the nuance of papal protocol, what he did do was quite astonishing.
Reynolds, or Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States of America.
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xiii) Coincidentally, in 1861 nationalist ideologies in both "Souths" transformed the regions, respectively, into the Confederate States of America and the Kingdom of Italy.
Six collections of rare books, including the Benjamin Franklin Collection, selections from the Katherine Golden Bitting, the Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collections of Gastronomy, first editions from the library's Rare Book and Special Collections Division, selections from the Confederate States of America Collection, the Henry Harrisse Collection of Columbiana, and selections from the lean Hersholt Collection of Hans Christian Andersen
Alban's, Vermont, fired his pistol into the air and shouted, "This city is now in the possession of the Confederate States of America.
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