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French mathematician and philosopher (1743-1794)

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Con preferencias unimodales, la alternativa de la mediana es la misma ganadora de la regla de Condorcet (6) (Black, 1948; Downs, 1957).
O metodo de Condorcet, idealizado por Jean-Marie Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, Marques de Condorcet (17431794) e considerado precursor da atual escola francesa de multicriterio e trabalha com relacoes de superacao.
PA) announced on Monday that it has signed an agreement with Blackstone Real Estate Partners Europe III to acquire an office building of approximately 25,000 square metres on a plot of one hectare, located on the rue Condorcet in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.
Condorcet era un miembro activo de la Convencion Republicana que siguio a la caida de la Monarquia, destinada a organizar la nueva Republica, el nuevo Estado.
The rise of economic globalization, Marquis de Condorcet.
Key words: Condorcet winner, Strategy profile, AV outcomes.
Este trabalho analisa especificamente o projeto de educacao publica nacional e democratica proposto por Condorcet, apresentado no forum das assembleias instituidas no ambito da Revolucao Francesa.
The Federalist does not disagree with the Condorcet Jury Theorem so much as contend that its preconditions rarely apply.
The evolution of Condorcet from a revolutionary republican to a proponent of scientific oligarchy provides an instructive, concrete example of the logic of technocracy.
2 discusses the more novel social choice approach, which deems the Marks doctrine an application of the Condorcet criterion to Supreme Court plurality decisions.
When the "occidental Revolution" (Comte 1852:30) would finally be completed it would have consisted of a series of four different revolutions, starting with a philosophical one "against the theological and military regime" of the monarchy, linked with the names of Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Hume and Condorcet.
Indeed, by tracing the genealogy of representation as it winds its way through the work of Rousseau, Kant, Sieyes, Paine, Condorcet, and others, Urbinati seeks to show not only that representation is a legitimate form of democracy, but that "representation is primed to expand democratic participation and in fact is essential to democracy" (p.
Among these is de Condorcet, whom the author characterizes as "a political thinker of outstanding originality and relevance.
He argues forcefully that, because bien-pensant French intellectuals were unwilling to forgo their luxuries at once, figures such as Condorcet advocated the gradual emancipation of slaves, and displayed a concern for the rights of their masters which assorted ill with their professed humanitarian goals.
argument for reliance on foreign law: the Condorcet Jury Theorem.