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the state of being conditional

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We only have to open our minds, our eyes and to look around to know that there are other arrangements available for us, perhaps even more advantageous and without conditionalities.
The book successfully seeks a balance between EU conditionalities and norms and the South Eastern European analyses in the governance reform process.
But the government says it is compelled to accept conditionalities to prevent the worsening of the acute economic crisis facing Tunisia for now three years
And by the way, if Atta Mills has rejected British foreign aid, just what did the administrations of Rawlings and Kufour accept and with what kind of conditionalities and from who and in what amounts?
According to media reports, the EU has imposed strict conditionalities for the extension of the GSP+ concession and the President has rejected these conditionalities as an unwarranted attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.
This is absurd because if anything it is already late in that an early discussion of this Bill, with the debilitating conditionalities, would have reinforced the Pakistani leadership's position to seek their retraction before the Bill became law," the editorial said.
Those strings and conditionalities seem to be very heavy handed as far as Pakistan is concerned.
However, the defining feature of such social security systems is that their conditionalities tend to support the individual positively in, for example, a return to work, and they are characterised by significant state financial commitment (OECD 2003).
World Bank loan conditionalities are attached to a wide range of loans and largely center on the liberalization of trade, deregulation and privatization.
The film also makes a timely suggestion that the issue of autonomy has not gone away, particularly as debt relief conditionalities mean that Ghana cannot choose how it spends its 'debt relief', for example by investing in the productive base of the economy.
Given the vast range of transactions that can be affected by governance conditionality, the issue has been a contentious one and has attracted stronger reactions from member-governments and the general public than has been the case with the traditional conditionalities applied by the IFI for two reasons.
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have for years attached conditionalities to their lending to developing countries forcing receiving countries to do things such as privatize utilities, for example.
8) On the expansion of conditionality, see Devesh Kapur and Richard Webb, "Governance-related Conditionalities of the International Financial Institutions" (New York: G-24 Discussion Paper Series.
It must be accompanied by conditionalities to ensure that the money saved was spent on such services as education and health, for the good of the poorer people.
The IMF generally provides temporary balance of payments support in return for meeting certain mutually agreed conditionalities to put back the country on a sustainable path of adjustment.
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