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A review of the literature suggests that accelerometry is a more practical approach to measuring MMG and limits some of the background noise that might be present when using condenser microphones.
A very detailed model of condenser microphones is given in Ref.
Developed sensory system consists of microphone array with 15 omnidirectional condenser microphones with optimised geometry for frequency range of 1500 Hz to 2000 Hz and 16 channel preamplifier combined with anti-aliasing filter.
It survives higher intensity signals, up to 216 dB, that would damage most condenser microphones beyond their 3 percent distortion limit.
Traditional electret condenser microphones (ECMs) have reached smaller sizes, but are approaching the limits of the technology and are unlikely to shrink much further or provide significant new innovations.
It'd be 10 years before I'd start sticking condenser microphones in front of everything that generated noise (or, "waves," I guess), committing to tape things aurally pleasant (and things not so pleasant) in any number of scenarios and sequences, too scared or self-absorbed to find out what the hell was really happening between the sound itself and the tape itself.
The mixer also provides switchable 48V microphone phantom power to enable the use of condenser microphones.
In performances, they use vintage equipment, including Elvis-era condenser microphones, vintage guitars and drum sets, and they are even ordering matching suits to get them that uniform `60s look.
At the Consumer Electronics Show and Macworld Conference and Expo, Shure Incorporated extended the Company's legacy of world class microphones to the digital recording market, unveiling three new products - the PG27USB and PG42USB Side Address Condenser Microphones and the X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter (XLR is the standard electrical connector for microphones).
More than one million MEMS microphones per day go into cell phones, displacing electret condenser microphones.