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any of various edible tropical marine gastropods of the genus Strombus having a brightly-colored spiral shell with large outer lip

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Owusu M, Petersen AM and H Heimdal Relationship of sensory and instrumental aroma measurements of dark chocolate as influenced by fermentation method, roasting and conching conditions.
Scientists at The Ohio State University investigated the changes in chocolate volatiles that occur during 48 hours of conching.
Traditional stone mills are used to grind the cacao nibs, a method employed for centuries in Central and South America, nothing at all like the European-style conching where manufacturers intensely process the cacao mass to smooth out the texture and mellow the flavor.
Cluizel takes extra time during the conching phase, and by making sure that each cocoa particle is no larger than 0,0018 millimeters, he does not need to use soy lecithin or any other emulsifier.
Today conching is done to improve flavor and viscosity and flow properties.
I had used an industrial conching machine in Indonesia and knew self-conched couverture was the key to creating truly luxurious chocolates.
This stage is called conching (konking), so named for the spiral shell.
With its very low crystal water content, new ISOMALT LM allows standard processing and conching temperatures to round off the pure cocoa flavor profile, and delivers good snap and melting behavior in the mouth.
This enables the use of standard processing and conching temperatures to round off the pure cocoa profile and allow the complex cocoa flavor to shine.
During the conching process, called after the spiral shaped equipment resembling a conch shell, the liquid paste is dropped into an oversize mixer.
Because it produces a much finer-grained, more mellow chocolate, conching soon becomes a standard manufacturing process.
The Swiss stepped into the spotlight when Rodolphe Lindt introduced a conching process which changed chocolate manufacturing, leading to smoother chocolates that replaced the rougher, more grainy ones of the past.
Since cacao can be grown and fermented only within twenty degrees of the equator, most chocolate companies import the fermented beans and do the final stages of preparation--roasting, refining to reduce sugar crystal size, and conching, a final "kneading" of the chocolate to expel volatile acidic gases that are a by-product of fermentation--in their home country.
This is why we are trying to teach the youth," said Lola Conching, 74, who is something of a legend in town.