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having a common center

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I listened in, happy to hear them using key words like texture, concentric circles, warm and cool colors, and landscape.
For instance, the alternating black and white square micro-tiles in two concentric circles radiating outward in the floor of the photo of the floor of the chapel of San Tarasio introduces a casual visual structure to the overall composition.
From the first page to the last, a series of concentric circles gradually decreasing in size frame a yellow sun which forms the focus for the child's good morning prayer of thanks.
Gavin's technique can be dissected from two vantage points; up close, the works reveal small concentric circles, but from afar, the viewer's eye combines these acrylic combinations, to see a clear portrait and distinct subject.
In the fully three-dimensional pieces, the fine lines and concentric circles may make a topography on the base from which rises a vessel form given stretched masses of hair (think of pulled handles, or extrusions).
EVERYBODY KNOWS FIESTA DINNERWARE, those bright, chunky plates and cups decorated with concentric circles that come in rainbow colors.
Capillary waves feather the surface in concentric circles, obscure infant oyster-beds by the culinary island, reduce schools of red minnow to rust streaks.
She discusses the factors and their definitions through the concepts of concentric circles of democratization, a transparency-democratization matrix, a cube of accountability, and a corruption pentagon, aiming to also demonstrate their connections to each other and democratization and discussing their potential areas of incompatibility and overlap with consequences on democratization.
The SilpatPerfect Cookie Mat is marked with concentric circles in two different sizes, allowing for consumers to shape and space cookie dough.
Using remaining lemon curd, pipe concentric circles on top of your cake.
Arnett said that they still have the concentric circles, with the heaviest elements in the middle and the lightest elements on top, but it is if someone put a paddle in there and mixed it around.
TO an untrained eye a lot of his paintings might seem like geometry and concentric circles.
Pipe two concentric circles (one inside the other) around the edge of the cupcakes, leaving a little hole in the middle.
The traditional folk dance of Gujarat Dandiya Rs is performed in concentric circles, where the dance steps become more intricate as one moves closer to the centre of the circles.
The exhibition, opening Thursday at the Paco Imperial Cultural Center in downtown Rio, brings together more than five dozen paintings, silk screens and collages covered in Milhazes' signature riot of saturated color, concentric circles, upbeat flowers and meandering arabesques.