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French philosopher remembered as the founder of positivism

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This beautiful building is an old military fort that has been converted into a large ripening cave for Comte cheese.
Le comte Ory, Rossini's second most successful French opera, had an impressive performance record in the nineteenth century, with over 430 performances in Paris alone.
L'etat d'urgence a ete decrete, vendredi dernier, dans le comte de San Bernardino, par le gouverneur de Californie, Jerry Brown, a la suite de l'attentat du 2 decembre qui a fait 14 morts et 26 blesses, selon un dernier bilan.
SERIES two of The Musketeers - the BBC's latest version of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale - begins with our heroes sent to rescue the Comte de Rochefort, the Cardinal's man in Madrid who has escaped from a Spanish prison.
Unless you're handling a franchise, the only factor that can help a movie cross borders today is not a cast but a good local story that people can relate to or a truly original concept," says Cecile Gaget, who was upped head of international sales in 2010 and brought in Yohann Comte, a cinephile with an auteur-friendly sensibility and background in finance, as deputy head of sales.
The Comte Cheese Association has awarded the second Comte Scholarship for American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals (ACS CCPs™) to Amanda Parker, director of program development for Murray's Cheese.
The reason for my curiosity was this: The 19th-century French thinker August Comte (1798-1857), considered to be the founder of sociology, had argued that development of societies would parallel that of human thought, and thus after going through theological and metaphysical stages arrive at the scientific stage where religion would be replaced entirely by science.
Comte is sometimes described as the French equivalent of cheddar.
Mary Pickering has spent thirty years of her life working on her biography of Auguste Comte, and the resulting two thousand or so pages are evidence of the amount of research and documentation involved.
Martin Comte, besides writing an introductory article, prepared a list of questions about performance and teaching, and respondents could reply to any or all of these either in a transcript of a recorded interview, or in writing.
Souffles au Comte under the Monoprix private label feature 25% comte cheese.
But, in an area of France unfamiliar to the majority of British holidaymakers, there is plenty to discover and savour in Franche Comte.
Pretendemos apresentar sumariamente, neste trabalho, uma introducao a questao da filosofia primeira em Isidore Auguste Marie Francois Xavier Comte (cientista e filosofo frances, fundador da sociologia em termos de ciencia e criador do proprio termo "sociologia", propositor de uma moral em termos de ciencia, fundador do positivismo ou filosofia positiva, fundador da religiao da humanidade: Montpellier, 19/1/1798 Paris, 5/9/1857).