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EqualLogic makes computer data storage systems for small- to mid-size businesses.
As reported in Holography News, these tools include sensor holograms, computer data storage, biometric data storage and display enhancement.
Officers had also recovered a number of martyrdom videos, 400 computers, 200 mobile telephones and 8,000 computer data storage items such as recordable DVDs and memory sticks.
Therefore, because drive-based defect replacement is not available, the study finds that DVD-RW disks may not be suitable for computer data storage.
Unlike just about every other law for records retention, Rule 17a-4 specifically addresses computer data storage, requiring that the storage technology permanent recording that is "non-erasable and non-rewriteable.
Fujifilm, long a player in the computer data storage business, sees digital photography helping to drive sales of blank CDs and DVDs.
COMPUTER data storage provider Plasmon announced yesterday that revenues in the first half year are likely to be lower than last year.
Finally, the DVD-RAM format provides multiple write/rewrite capability and is specifically engineered for computer data storage with ongoing rewrite ability.
This time, though, it's not just about a new recording medium, but a replacement for VHS, computer data storage and a format for digital camcorders all in one.
1 provider of software and hardware computer data storage, EMC is expected to double from its current $37 price by next year.
STREAMLOGIC FINALIZES MOVE: The Chatsworth developer of computer data storage products is leaving Southern California for a 55,000-square-foot facility in the Bay Area next month.
How should the Service fulfill its obligations to verify the accuracy and completeness of all taxpayer data relevant to make a global interest netting calculation for a particular period, given the Service's computer data storage limitations?
This contract is to provide high performance computer data storage.
It is also possible that the system could be used for computer data storage.