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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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Bay of Colwyn Town Councillor Bill Bagnall welcomes the possible compulsory purchase order of the site, damaged by fire several years ago.
TUT think the strength in numbers will help them in a legal battle if authorities try to carry out a compulsory purchase of the land.
Negotiations are taking place with agents following the death of the owner but if these fail a compulsory purchase order will be needed.
A recent case in Northampton has led to claims that compulsory purchase is effectively being used as a threat to blackmail companies into moving and incurring significant losses.
Compulsory purchase is when the Government, local council or utility company has the right to buy or take rights over your private property if it falls within a public or private construction project.
I'm glad the council has put a Compulsory Purchase Order on it.
This is of great concern to us and we urge representatives of HS2 to reconsider and compulsory purchase the whole site.
But because it was a compulsory purchase, the council said the sale must be completed at the 1969 valuation of the land under the terms the agreement made at the time.
The city council is understood to be currently in talks with the owner over the sale of the property, but now has the back-up of a compulsory purchase order if a deal cannot be struck.
However, last week it was reported that Northumberland Council authorised compulsory purchase orders on a number of businesses so that a Morrison's supermarket could expand its car park by five spaces (The Journal March 3).
Wrexham councillors agreed to grant compulsory purchase order powers to the authority to take over two privately owned flats at Napier Square, Hightown.
Compulsory purchase plans after flooding AFTER severe floods swept through parts of Middlesbrough a Housing Action Area Order was withdrawn from the Rivers part of town and replaced with a compulsory purchase order.
The council this week began a compulsory purchase order (CPO) on Pioneer House in Dewsbury.
Compulsory purchase powers are proposed to buy up properties needed for a huge regeneration scheme in Newcastle.
BOSSES behind the development insist no compulsory purchase orders are in force and that the size and type of replacement homes have yet to be finalised.