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Deputy Comptrollers are Agbo A.H, Abdulrahman T, Salihu M.S, Abubakar M.D, Bello A.N, Chima D.N, Muhammed M, Aliyu D.G, Idris K.I, Namanu A, Zakari N, Ibume R.k, Oyafemi C.I, Waziri S.A, Abioye, T.0, Idris A.I, Muhammed A.B, Ebieme A.U, Adamu S.A, Yusuf S, Adie B.U and Dauda A.
Kramer's first bill, weighing in at 78 pages, would strip enforcement of alcohol, tobacco and motor fuel laws and regulations from the comptroller. Enforcement would be moved under a newly created commission appointed by the governor.
"That's super flattering, but my focus from Day One is on this job," the comptroller said.
I thought this would be a good model for how comptrollers approached communications.
She spent the first 10 years of her career in the Washington area with tenures as a financial systems analyst with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Comptroller; the Senate Armed Services Committee staff as a Financial Analyst; and the Navy Budget Office as a Program Manager.
(8) For decades commentators have discussed problems involved with management of public funds by elected officials, concerned that "[t]he most obvious conflict of interest is that of the government official" who "would have compelling personal, political, and governmental reasons for favoring an investment of pension funds." (9) The status of the comptroller as an elected official, his or her role as sole trustee of the fund, the size of the Common Retirement Fund, and the fact that it exists to fund a constitutionally protected benefit all work together to emphasize the importance of an earnest and ongoing conversation in state government about CRF governance, including the comptroller's role as sole trustee of the fund.
To become strategic partners and force multipliers, all financial managers and comptrollers should become familiar with the SAF/ FM vision statement and strategic plan.
"When I first ran for comptroller, people connected with the fact that I was a CPA," said Haynie.
City Comptroller Elizabeth Holtzman's report, prepared by Associate General Counsel Marc S.
Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers have hired Chris Hart IV as the association's new chief executive officer.
Despite just two years of training, and a few days with other inbound comptrollers before the command tour begins, an FMLP officer will realize they are at a distinct disadvantage from the core-FMers who know each other and the career field.
Davis holds a bachelor's degree from Mount Aloysius College, Cresson, Pa., and is an American Society of Military Comptrollers certified defense financial manager.