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A comparative chemical composition of the essential oils of Myrica gale and Comptonia peregrina.
Inefficient nitrogen resorption in genets of the actinorrhizal nitrogen fixing shrub Comptonia peregrina: physiological ineptitude or evolutionary tradeoff?
Also sweet fern (Comptonia asplenifolia) has an ingredient which seems to act on the poison ivy oil and lessens its effect.
Type 2 includes open Pinus rigida and Betula populifolia stands with frequent and abundant Polytrichum spp., Comptonia peregrina, Prunus pensylvanica, Andropogon scoparius, Vaccinium spp., Apocynum androsaemifolium, and Rubus spp.
For example, the primary cell wall shows some disorganization of cellulose microfibrils (Berry et al., 1986), and wall ingrowths reminiscent of those in transfer cells have been described in Myrica gale, Comptonia peregrina (Callaham et al., 1979), and Alnus rubra (Berry et al., 1986; Berry & McCully, 1990); these may be a consistent feature of this association.