Composite order

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a Roman order that combines the Corinthian acanthus leaves with the spiral scrolls of the Ionic order

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Definition 1 (Bilinear group of composite order): A (symmetric) bilinear group of composite order is a tuple ( N, G, [G.
The security of our construction relies on three subgroup decision related assumptions on bilinear groups of composite order.
Company s railway business has won a composite order from the Rail Vikas Nigam, India.
The second method is to use composite order bilinear groups.
Additionally, anonymous HIBE schemes under composite order bilinear groups are also converted to anonymous HIBE schemes under asymmetric prime order bilinear groups [16][21].
The Doric was seen as simple and honest, but the more decorative Corinthian and Composite orders were associated with immorality, even licentiousness.
4% last year, we now expect that our composite orders index will fall by 22.
As a result, we're predicting a gain of almost 10% in our composite orders index during 2002.
However, because of the surprisingly depressed state of the market this year and partly because we believe that capital investment spending will pick up dramatically by the spring of next year, we're forecasting a gain of about 11% in our composite orders index during 2002.
Pre-existing conceptual work in topics such as Composite Orders, Laboratory Orders, Nutrition, Medication, or FHIR Order and Prescription resources will be leveraged extensively to help document the necessary definitions, descriptions, graphics, and artefacts that are relevant.
5% from where they were a year earlier, as tracked by this magazine's exclusive, composite orders index.
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