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plants with heads composed of many florets: aster

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Everywhere but Antarctica: Using a supertree to understand the diversity and distribution of the Compositae. Biologiske Skrifter 55: 343-373.
According to Corner (1976) the vascular supply of Asteraceae (Compositae) could help to solve infrafamilial relationships, and the author proposed three vascular supply states for the families, which may be useful for separation of genus.
Cytogenetic studies of Carthamus species (Compositae) with 32 pairs of chromosome.
(Compositae) prepared from floral and foliar parts of the plants collected from Baringo district in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya were also found to be insecticidal to adult flies (51).
All of the references to pain and hurt suggested a Compositae, far different from the Anacardiaceae family.
Ali, "Chromosome numbers in Compositae from Pakistan," Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, vol.
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Keywords: Launaea intybacea; Compositae; Secondary metabolite; Enzyme inhibition.
Safflower belongs to family Compositae and is used mainly as a source of dye and oil (Chavan, 1961).
Parthenium hysterophorus (congress grass, congress weed, carrot weed, wild feverfew) a member of compositae family is an exotic weed that was accidentally introduced in Asia through imported food grains.1 In Pakistan it is found in rural as well as urban areas as a wild weed, also used in bouquets as filler.2 It is the leading cause of plant induced airborne contact dermatitis and has achieved major weed status in India as well as in Pakistan and Australia within the past few decades.3,4,5