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someone who composes music as a profession

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He realized that composers were the sum of accumulated influences of many other composers and musicians.
Emmy nominated composer Christopher Lennertz will be on hand to conduct the premiere of his score for ABC's hit series Agent Carter.
Founded by composer John Metcalf, pictured, and now in its 47th year, the internationally renowned festival, which celebrates the work of living composers, is at the forefront of contemporary classical music promotion in the UK.
More important perhaps than composers were Slovene performers.
Freelance composer, lecturer, and music history author James McHard presents The Future of Modern Music, a guide written for music lovers of all backgrounds--including the general public, music educators, and the students today who will be the composers of tomorrow.
GLENDALE - Performing the classics to open a window into the Armenian soul, the directors of the fledgling Dilijan chamber music series have chosen composers who offer turbulent life stories.
The Steinway Collection, Paintings of Great Composers, with Essays by James Huneker
Some established Composers can secure quarterly, as opposed to semi-annual accountings.
In recent years musicologists, by and large, have not been willing to write book-length studies--the traditional "life and works"--for composers of early music.
The Choreographers & Composers Consortium (C&CC) paired four dancemakers with four musicians for a six month collaboration.
Dalton, 39, directs the music archive of the Estate Project for Artists With AIDS, charged with creating a 500-page online catalog to document the work of composers who have died of complications from AIDS.
THERE IS A SPACE BETWEEN the artist and his artwork that has been better mapped by painters than by composers.
While traditionalists may long for more citations and documentation of sources, related readings or references for each chapter are available in appendices, as are musical terms, selected works, lists of composers, publishers, record companies, and research centers.
performing rights organization, honored the composers of the music from the past year's top-grossing films, top-rated prime-time network television series and highest-ranking cable network programs at its annual Film & Television Awards.
A Descriptive Bibliography of Art Music by Israeli Composers.